Learn the practical tools that Joe used to march out of debt and win with money!

You don't have to be broke anymore! You CAN win with money!

Joseph Sangl is on a crusade to help others win with money. In I Was Broke, Now I'm Not, Joe shares how he and his family became debt-free in just 14 months. And it can teach you the tools you need to finally start winning with money.

In this book, Joe shows you how to

  • Develop a Plan for your Life
  • Prepare a budget that actually works—An EZ Budget™
  • Eliminate debt with the Debt Snowball
  • Calculate your Debt Freedom Date
  • Capture the POWER of Compound Interest
  • Calculate the Amount Needed For Retirement
  • Start Investing
  • Understand Insurance

I Was Broke. Now I'm Not is an inspiring story of hope! You don't have to be broke anymore. Get the tools to start marching your way out of debt today!